By Mail

Make checks out to Chris Read or Heather Graham. Checks are to be sent to: Chris Read PO Box 5562 Berkeley, CA 94705

In Person

If you prefer, you can deposit the rent at the local bank. Ask and I will provide you will all the details.


This service is not inexpensive but it is the only way we accept online payments at this time. In addition, the PayPal service is the only way we accept credit card payments. If you have a credit card with a rewards program, this method of payment could be right for you.

Payment Amount
Notes (e.g. for the month of )


There is a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction to use this service. You will see this fee on the PayPal transaction as tax and shipping cost. This approach is to simplify and make transparent the arithmetic involved calculating the cost of using this service. When transaction cost go up or down you will see these changes reflected in the tax and shipping cost. 

Rent is due on the first of the month. If rent is not paid by the 5th day of the month, a late charge of Thirty Dollars ($30.00), payable immediately, shall be added to the rent. If Rent is not paid by the 6th day of the month when due, an additional late fee of $5.00 per day shall be added to the late fee (up to a maximum of 20% of the monthly rent). Postmark on envelope or Pay Pal time stamp shall be conclusive evidence of lateness of payment.