There are areas in the garden designed for annuals The plot just outside the master bedroom window, the two islands on the on the eastside of the pool and the one island on the northside of the pool. The far east wall as well as the far north wall area is off limits to plantings. They are used to frame the color of the flowers (annuals) in the foreground and make them pop out.

The Vegetable Garden is yours to grow whatever you fancy. Please no herbicides or pesticides.

If a tree looks dead, becomes sick, and or needs to be removed, be sure to contact us before taking action. Often plants will look dead and are only dormant. Trees are very expensive to replace.

Compliled newspaper clipings on gardening in Tucson


The standard beet does quite well here planted in December to harvest in the spring. Yellow beets are a great alternative, but the seeds can be hard to find and the germination rate is not as good as the red to purple variety.


The standby species called ‘Green Goliath’ is a reliable producer. Once the main stalk is harvested it will continue to produce many edible side shoots that you can harvest until late spring. Broccoli should be planted in September through October.


Any basic cauliflower variety will do well if planted in September through October. Just don’t plant when it is still hot as the heads will not form correctly. This can happen when the winters are too mild as well.


The Armenian cucumber seems to handle the heat the best without becoming bitter. They do not need peeling and have a mild flavor. Cucumbers should be planted in the spring.


‘Black Beauty’ is a standby that is a heavy producer. Japanese varieties also produce well in the desert. They both should be planted in the spring, but don’t be surprised if they don’t produce much until fall.

Green Beans

Green beans do well planted in the spring, but the Asparagus (or Yard Long) Bean is the heaviest producer even through the hottest of summers. Regular green beans will quit when it gets too hot. Plant green beans in the spring.


Hands down the most prolific lettuce for this area is Black Seeded Simpson. Not only is it slow to bolt, but it will reseed itself (if you let it go to seed) and you will have another crop in the fall. Lettuce should be planted from September through December.

Melons (Cantaloupe, Honeydew and Watermelon)

Melons love the desert heat and the hotter it is, the sweeter they become. Standard varieties like Hale’s Best for cantaloupe and other standard varieties do just fine. Honeydews take the longest to ripen, so don’t rush them.


Onion sets planted in the fall through December will give you the quickest results. Onions from seed take a long, long time to grow.